I live in a rickety New York City walk-up and teach high school American History in Harlem. I’m a twenty-something edging towards 30, and a reader, runner, and enthusiastic (if inexpert) cook.

I’ve been talking and thinking about this blog for years, and am excited to finally make it happen.

The idea originated around a table – or really, around many tables: sipping freshly brewed Mexican hot chocolate in a garden with co-workers and friends when I lived and taught in South Texas; digging into pancit and inasal at countless holidays with my Filipino family; throwing together haphazard dinners and then laughing for hours during weekend reunions with friends on both coasts, but preferably in a cabin tucked away in the woods.

The idea also originated around another kind of table. I was raised Catholic – as a kid, we had a Madonna hanging in every room of our house – and as an adult, I have come to live and love my faith. I am fascinated by the Eucharistic meal, and the idea that bread broken and shared with others is at the core of who we are and how we live well.

Expect this blog to be one-part foodie, one-part theology, one-part interfaith dialogue, one-part history and many-parts questioning, with the occasional recipe thrown in for good measure. My goal is to seek greater understanding of how various religious traditions conceptualize and experience the intersection of food and faith. In the process, I hope to continue building community. There is a place at the table for all.

Since you can’t write what you don’t know, and I would never want to represent someone else’s perspective, the interfaith part will be a work in progress. If you or someone you know has a story idea or would like to chat, please contact me or send me an email at foodandfaith2019@gmail.com.