Hello again!

Apologies for the accidental hiatus! In the course of moving apartments, temporarily becoming a student again (thank you, NEH teacher institutes), and getting married, the schedule went haywire, but we’re back on track. 

Fortunately, some of that summer distraction from this blog also provided plenty of ideas for future posts, particularly my study of world religions through the Interfaith Center of New York and Union Theological Seminary’s NEH teacher institute, Religious Worlds of New York, which seeks to train teachers to implement a more nuanced treatment of religious diversity into our classrooms through a series of lectures, seminars, panel discussions with community leaders, and site visits. Teacher friends, apply to an NEH teacher institute. Seriously. It was amazing. Did I mention you get paid?

Looking ahead, the goal is a greater diversity of religious voices. As always, it’s a work in progress. 

Check back here later this month for experimentation with Portugal’s iconic pasteis de nata, aka happiness in a tart, often credited to a group of enterprising nuns in 18th century Lisbon. 

I was in Portugal for 3 days. Don’t ask how many of these I ate.
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